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The Bell


The Hutchinson Bell is Florida College’s national alumni and friends association which exists to serve members by allowing them to connect, communicate and cultivate relationships with one another and the college that brought them together.


The Bell also brings together local communities of Florida College supporters to provide a platform through which they can help students from their area come to Florida College.


The Northeast chapter of the Hutchinson Bell was created by Daniel Gerber and Gary Peralta in order to help young people in the Northeast learn about Florida College. Florida College is a four-year academic institution run by Christians that provides a Bible-based collegiate education. Daniel and Gary, who have both attended Florida College, wanted to show the next generation of students that it is possible to get an excellent academic education in an environment that encourages, rather than attacks, faith in God.


Many families in the Northeast struggle with high cost of living coupled with low income levels. Financially supporting children in college can be close to impossible for some families. We believe financial concerns should not prevent students from enjoying the unique environment of FC. We want to help by creating an annual scholarship fund to give deserving students and their families an opportunity for financial relief. At the moment funds for the scholarships will come from donations, and in the future from fundraisers in the Northeast area.


If you would like to help provide students in the Northeast with the chance to experience the great experience Florida College has to offer, just click on the Donate tab, and you can help make their dreams a reality.



The Florida College New Jersey Camp gives young people a taste of what life is like at Florida College each summer. Find out more at



One of the primary purposes of the Northeast Chapter of the Hutchinson Bell is to provide financial help to young people who want to attend Florida College. These scholarships are gifts and do not have to be repaid. Most of the funds raised by the chapter are used to support these scholarships. We soon hope to offer scholarships for Falcon Days. Contact to find out more.



You can make a donation to our chapter, which will directly support our scholarship fund for Florida College students from the Northeast, as well as events and camps! Click below to donate via PayPal.



Phone: 201.214.3328

We look forward to hearing from you!


in the Northeast Chapter

The Hutchinson Bell is made up of many chapters all across the United States. The Northeast Chapter is responsible for ten states in the Northeast and for Ontario. Joining our Chapter will help fund events and scholarships in this area. It will also all help the Bell as a whole. Clink the button below to join our chapter! 

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